Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yellow-line Fever......11/10

Another good night despite a drop in temperature to 7°C.  I've recently repositioned the trap nearer the house and this seems to have helped. But wheres my Merveille du Jour?

Yellow-line Quaker
Another Year Tick.

 Large Wainscot
A total of 6 so far..........

 Beaded Chestnut
The 16th & 17th caught this year.

5th of the year.

This was caught on 9th October and I've given up deciding what it is. It seems long passed it's flight season.
It seems that this late flyer is a Vine's Rustic- Thanks to Andy of VC30 Moth Group.

The Count-
  1. Willow Beauty- 4
  2. November Moth agg.- 2
  3. Garden Rose Tortrix- 2
  4. Turnip Moth- 2
  5. Large Wainscot- 2
  6. Beaded Chestnut- 2
  7. Yellow-line Quaker- Year Tick
  8. Large Yellow Underwing
  9. Shuttle-shaped Dart
  10. Lunar Underwing
  11. Light Brown Apple Moth

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