Wednesday, October 13, 2010


An improved night with slightly higher temperatures and less wind. Also another year tick, though I'm starting to run out of 'easy ticks'. Looking at the weather, things are about to get a lot colder; so I'm expecting the trap to be fairly empty by the end of the month.
On the Vismig front, things are picking up. A Merlin through today and yesterday a Ring Ouzel, for some not very exciting. But for inland birders, these are notable records!

Red & Yellow-line Quaker
The 1st time I've ever caught both species on the same night.

Green-brindled Crescent
3rd record this year.

Spruce Carpet
1 of 2 Carpet species on the night.
The Count-
  1. Beaded Chestnut- 5- Highest ever count
  2. Large Yellow Underwing- 3
  3. Willow Beauty- 2
  4. Setaceous Hebrew Character- 2
  5. Red-line Quaker- 2- Year Tick
  6. Spruce Carpet
  7. Grey Pine Carpet
  8. Yellow-line Quaker
  9. Green-brindled Crescent
  10. Shuttle-shaped Dart
  11. Turnip Moth
  12. Pale Mottled Willow
  13. Black Rustic
  14. November Moth agg.
  15. Light Brown Apple Moth

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