Sunday, October 31, 2010


Been focusing on local birding recently, with very little success. Of the few triumphs were Ravens seen 'rolling' over The Pinnacle, Sandy and a flock of 12 Waxwings flying west over my garden. I tried to relocate these anticipated treasures of the North on my bike. But after a good look around the village, decided that they must have moved straight though.
To balance this I have now attempted to see a couple of Lapland Buntings near Luton on 2 separate occasions and failed miserably. And after scoping for the proverbial needle in a haystack for over 2 hours, I made my excuses and sloped off.........going by previous records, I'll probably have another chance in about 10 years! Oh, and I also dipped the Pink-footed Goose on my home patch..........

On the moth front, things are slowing down steadily with just 3 moths.......a Red-line Quaker is the only one not photographed.

Red-green Carpet
3rd Record this year.

Eudonia angustea (1342)
2nd Record.

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