Monday, October 11, 2010

The Catch Up and ID?....10/10

I've had a lot on recently so blogging has been pushed aside for a while. I have however still been trapping with some success of late. Here are a few of the highlights with a full count for 10th October at the bottom of the post......

Micro A?
Not sure about this one and awaiting an ID from the Micro recorder for VC30. It does look as though it could be Sitochroa palealis (1370) any ideas? Caught 7th October.
Not a Micro, but what looks like a very late Straw Dot..Thanks Ben.

Eudonia angestea (1342)
Another new micro caught 7th October

Green-brindled Crescent
2 caught so far on 7th & 8th October.

Large Wainscot
An incredible 4 caught on 9th October.

November Moth agg.
One of 3 caught- 10th October.

Pink-barred Sallow!
The 1st new garden moth since 11th September but I hardly feel Euphoric about it. Mainly because most of it is inside a Spider. So desperate am I for a new tick that I unravelled this one from a web to find it was indeed a Pink-barred...........Is it too much to ask to see a live one?

The full count-
  1. Willow Beauty- 5
  2. November Moth agg.- 3- Year Tick
  3. Blair's Shoulder-knot- 2
  4. Large Yellow Underwing- 2
  5. Mallow
  6. Pale Mottled Willow
  7. Common Marbled Carpet
  8. Shuttle-shaped Dart
  9. Common Wainscot
  10. Grey Shoulder-knot- 2nd Record
  11. Garden Rose Tortrix
  12. Barred Sallow
  13. Pink-barred Sallow- 1st Ever


  1. Hi Matt your micro looks like a late worn Straw Dot.

  2. Hi Matt, I wonder if you would link my new moth blog to yours please?

    Cheers Stewart.

  3. Ben- That's a great call. I really didn't consider Straw Dot, but it looks right

    Stewart- I've saved your new blog on my list....