Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Put to the Sword...........23/08

With The Dells multiple trap approach failing dismally as the year begins to slip passed. It surely now looks like Trent Duval will be spending some time in the off-licence buying some of my favourite wine. His woeful run of late has been compounded by a 2nd ever record of this immigrant species. Easily overlooked as a Turnip Moth, these can turn up at any time. But are usually seen in August and September.

Dark Sword-grass
I had 2 traps out last night, as I was testing one I had recently built. It was a very windy, so as expected numbers were down. But there were a couple of other highlights-
  • Orange Swift- 5- High Count
  • Six-striped Rustic
  • Flame Shoulder
  • Common Wainscot
  • Nutmeg

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