Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back in the Garden, The best bits.

A few recent highlights form the back garden, just 1 twin Actinic/UV trap out for the last few nights.......

Twin-spotted Wainscot
Garden 1st on 8th August.

Six-striped Rustic
1st ever seen on 9th August.

Triple-spotted Pug?
Could be a problem here....Firstly it has to be checked by the recorders (its still in my fridge!).
Secondly, there is a chance I unwittingly transported it back from Chicksands Wood on 8th August. He'll have to stay in the 'lost property' cupboard I'm afraid.........caught 9th August.

Turnip Moth
I'm getting loads of these at the moment- highest count so far: 13

Straw Underwing
Another really common moth in my garden, I counted 24 in the trap on 9th August.

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