Monday, August 2, 2010

200 Macros and Counting.........01/08

And for #200, he finally gets his Small Ranunculus.This is a rare moth in Bedfordshire, despite there being well over 20 records from 5 different sites so far. Surprisingly, this wasn't found near the trap preferring to nectar on Buddleia instead. Big thanks to Steve Blain for giving me this tip, as I would have probably missed out. I have 3 different types of Buddleia, the Ranunculus was found on Davidii 'White Profusion'. If you haven't had this species yet, why not try staking out this reliable food plant after never know?

Small Ranunculus

Small Rivulet
Another garden 1st.

Poplar Grey

Clouded Border
3rd Garden record.

Catoptria falsella (1316)
1st record.

Notable were-
  • Silver Y- 10
  • Ringed China-mark- 8
  • Brimstone Moth- 2
  • Red Twin-spot Carpet
  • Garden Carpet
  • Sallow Kitten
  • Pebble Hook-tip


  1. Amazing how often this is happening - Ben got a nice Ruddy Carpet after I posted one, now you've got your Small Ranunculus (with two intact wings aswell!). Right - I want a Tree-lichen Beauty this week please ....
    Nice one.

  2. Cheers Mark- I've been lurking round the Buddleia for over 2 weeks, just for this species!!

    My Dad has been humouring me for ages, having had 17 records of S Ranunculus, a Royal Mantle and a Wormwood in the last week or so!

  3. Glad prowling your 'buds' has paid off, Matt! I suspect they're a species that rarely comes near a trap, unless its very unfortunate...