Saturday, June 5, 2010

Up a Gear....02/06

The mothing has really picked up with the good weather. We started our day at Broom GPs where we found plenty of Cinnabar, a single of both Silver Y and Silver-ground Carpet and a Marbled Minor agg.

Silver-ground Carpet
Then as night fell it was time to put out the traps in the garden........And what a night it was as we recorded 31 species, easily the highest of the year.

Buttoned Snout
Although the photo is a bit iffy, I think that's what this is. Down in the book as an Nb Nationally scarce species. I would have got some better shots if I'd known!
ID confirmed by A&M Banthorpe.......Thanks!

Light Emerald Peppered Moth
Green Pug
Micro A- Dichrorampha acuminatana (1279)Micro B- Scoparia ambigualis (1334)
I recorded all that I could, including a couple of dodgy shots of 2 micros. The 1 that got away was a suspected Small Angle Shades that landed on the shed wall briefly but was gone before a snap. The rest of the list was as follows-
  1. Silver-ground Carpet-1 Broom GP 1st Ever
  2. Silver Y- 1 Broom GP, Year tick
  3. Treble Lines- 11 High Count
  4. Large Nutmeg- 8
  5. Heart & Dart- 5
  6. Turnip Moth- 3
  7. Shuttle-shaped Dart- 2
  8. Buff Ermine- 2
  9. Spectacle- 2
  10. Common Pug- 2
  11. Rustic Shoulder-knot- 2
  12. Common Wainscot- 2
  13. Buff-Tip- 2
  14. Peppered Moth- 2 1st Ever
  15. Eyed Hawk-moth- 2 1st Ever
  16. Garden Carpet
  17. Oak Tree Pug?- probable, very faded
  18. Light Brocade
  19. Green Pug- 1st Ever
  20. Willow Beauty- Year tick
  21. Lime-speck Pug
  22. Clouded Silver- 1st Ever
  23. Light Emerald- Year tick
  24. Setaceous Hebrew Character- Year tick
  25. Angle Shades
  26. Micro A?- ID per David Manning
  27. Micro B?- ID per David Manning
  28. Bright-line Brown-eye
  29. Flame
  30. Small Angle Shades?- probable, not enough for pos. ID
  31. Common Marbled Carpet
  32. Buttoned Snout?- A good one if confirmed
  33. Marbled Minor agg.
All in all a great day and night- with a whole load of new ones..........

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