Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A much better night with less rain! Unlike last night, we managed another few debutant's for the garden......

Mottled Rustic
When I saw this, I thought it was another Pale Mottled Willow. They do look similar, but this is darker with a larger stigma..........

Silver-ground Carpet
After seeing a few at Broom GPs, it was nice to finally get it in the garden.
Choristoneura hebenstreitella
I potted this and got an acceptable photo- I think it's Choristoneura hebenstreitella (983) but I'm open to a more learned diagnosis?- Thanks David!
Codling MothI think..............?

Light Brown Apple Moth
The complete list is as follows, we doubled last night's total. Let's hope the rain holds off tonight.....
  1. Heart & Dart- 9
  2. White Ermine- 2
  3. Buff Ermine- 2
  4. Turnip Moth- 2
  5. Light Brown Apple Moth- 2
  6. White-shouldered House Moth
  7. Choristoneura hebenstreitella?- 1st ever, what ever it is?
  8. Codling Moth- 1st ever?
  9. Crambus lathoniellus
  10. Brown House-moth
  11. Shears
  12. Flame
  13. Cinnabar- 2nd in the trap
  14. Silver-ground Carpet- Garden 1st
  15. Common Swift
  16. Large Nutmeg
  17. Mottled Rustic- 1st ever
  18. Shuttle-shaped Dart
  19. Willow Beauty
  20. Flame Shoulder
  21. Silver Y- Year tick
  22. Marbled Minor agg.
  23. Small Dusty Wave


  1. I`d agree with your id`s of both Choristoneura hebenstreitella & Codling Moth, Matt. Well done.