Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still Flying High.......03/06

As last night went so well, I decided to put out the 2 garden traps and drop a 12v 15w Actinic trap in some scrub land just North of Peacock's Lake at Broom GPs. The garden traps were once again full.

May Highflyer
I managed a much better picture this time. This is a 2nd record for the garden and lacks the green tinge that the last specimen had. The garden list is as follows-
  1. Large Nutmeg- 9 High Count
  2. Heart & Dart- 6
  3. Rustic Shoulder-knot- 3
  4. Common Wainscot- 3
  5. Common Pug- 2
  6. White Ermine- 2
  7. Treble Lines- 2
  8. Buff Ermine
  9. Buff-Tip
  10. Micro?- Another of the same (micro B)
  11. Small Magpie- Year tick
  12. Vine's Rustic
  13. Flame
  14. Pale Mottled Willow
  15. Elephant Hawk-moth- Garden 1st ever
  16. Peppered Moth- 2
  17. Privet Hawk-moth- Garden 1st Ever
  18. Shears
  19. Blood-vein
  20. Shuttle-shaped Dart
  21. May Highflyer- 2nd record
  22. Grey Pine Carpet

Small Magpie
Broom GPs
  1. White Ermine- 8 High Count
  2. Treble Lines- 4
  3. Common Swift- 4 High Count
  4. Silver-ground Carpet- 3 High Count
  5. Brimstone Moth
  6. Rustic Shoulder-knot
  7. Cinnabar
  8. Light Emerald
  9. Straw Dot- Year tick
  10. Poplar Hawk-moth- Year tick
This certainly bolstered the Broom list, which was miles behind the others- it's just finding time for other visits!

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