Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Late September Rush!

A few decent macros as the 'Indian Summer' continues. In fact, all of this week looks like a good chance to fill in the gaps. Disappointingly, I haven't seen too much evidence of any migrants, just a couple of Diamond-back Moths is all. 
Unfortunately, the Pinion-streaked Snout has disappeared and I have now given up after 2 days of 'lamping'.  It must of either escaped or died in the house somewhere. 
On Thursday (30th) there is a planned trip into Home Wood for some Autumnal Moths to add to the successful leaf-mining trip conducted during the day by David Manning and Trent Duval on 26th. They recorded 27 new species for the survey.

NFY on 21st and then again 26th September.

Blair's Shoulder-knot
NFY on 23rd September.

263 Apple Leaf Miner Lyonetia clerkella 
I was hoping this was going to be #200, but it turned out to be a scarce dark form of the species.

 Beaded Chestnut
First time I've seen a white one! Common in the garden with 21 recorded so far this year.

Webb's Wainscot
2nd record this year, 24th September.

 Brown-spot Pinion
At last! In my 3rd Autumn season- been a long time coming. Garden 1st, 26th September.

 Dusky Thorn
Another good one out of the way, NFY and only the 2nd record, 26th September.

Autumn is truly here when these come out- it doesn't feel like it though when it's 24°C during the day. 

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