Sunday, September 11, 2011

Early September..........

.................and not too much in he way of highlights. And who would expect it, in a week where I've probably had Manx Shearwaters flying over my head only to ditch tantalisingly close in Cambridgeshire!
However, the 8th provided a respite and I even recorded a few micros. Among them, these two-

Epinotia sp??
At this time of year, I think this is probably Epinotia immundana (1136) and I did record it last year.......

294 Aspilapteryx tringipennella
A garden 1st- and I may just record 200 micros for the year. Just 3 more species to find and there is still a few in reserve waiting for ID.....
On 9th, the only new moth was a single Lunar Underwing.........

 Small Wainscot
I wondered whether I would ever record this as it is another elusive (for me anyway) woodland species. But finally it's on the list, trapped on 10th September.
That's 8 Wainscot sp. for the year, the others are;  Common, Smoky, Webb's, Twin-spotted, Bulrush, Large and Mere
Square-'spotless' Rustic?
Has anyone else seen one of these? 10th September. 


  1. I'm envying your Wainscots, my garden list stays stubbornly on three, Common, Smoky and the one you are missing, Shoulder-striped, which I recorded five times this summer.

  2. Shoulder-striped and Fen are probably all I can now get- creeping ever closer to the fabled 300........