Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Autumn Almanac........27/09

Yes, yes, yes It's my Autumn Almanac! A great night and a sign that the season has well and truly started. Temperatures stayed no lower than 13°C and there was heavy cloud cover and the lightest of breezes. I've taken a few snaps but missed out on a pristine Red-green Carpet, only the 2nd record for the garden. There is a full count at the bottom of this post.

Barred Sallow
Very fresh, 1st of the year.

Frosted Orange
2nd for the year.

Red Underwing
2nd record this year.

Common Marbled Carpet
2 trapped on the night.

Grey Pine Carpet
1st for some time.

Dark Arches
The 2nd gens. are now in flight.
The full count-
  1. Lunar Underwing- 14
  2. Willow Beauty- 10
  3. Large Yellow Underwing- 6
  4. Pale Mottled Willow- 5
  5. Black Rustic- 4
  6. Light Brown Apple Moth- 4
  7. Mallow- 3
  8. Turnip Moth- 3
  9. Setaceous Hebrew Character- 3
  10. Light Emerald- 2
  11. Vine's Rustic- 2
  12. Garden Carpet- 2
  13. Common Marbled Carpet- 2
  14. Lesser Yellow Underwing- 2
  15. Blair's Shoulder-knot- 2
  16. Common Wainscot- 2
  17. Red Underwing
  18. Red-green Carpet
  19. Large Ranunculus
  20. Garden Rose Tortrix
  21. Frosted Orange
  22. Brimstone Moth
  23. Grey Pine Carpet
  24. Shuttle-shaped Dart
  25. Dark Arches
  26. Gold Triangle
  27. Beaded Chestnut
  28. White-shouldered House Moth
  29. Rush Veneer
  30. Barred Sallow- Year Tick

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