Wednesday, September 29, 2010


After the Lord Mayor's Show really.......Only half the species of the night before. But at least I still have a few of the commoner varieties still to pick off. This year my main target is Pink-barred Sallow as I got all of the other common ones last year. Looking at other blogs, I see they are at large and even Trent Duval (We are the Campions) has caught one. This however will not curtail his visit to the 'offy' come December.

Black Rustic - Deep-brown Dart
The run down-
  1. Lunar Underwing- 6
  2. Large Yellow Underwing- 5
  3. Willow Beauty- 5
  4. Black Rustic- 4
  5. Blair's Shoulder-knot- 2
  6. Lesser Yellow Underwing- 2
  7. Pale Mottled Willow- 2
  8. Mallow- 2
  9. Shuttle-shaped Dart- 2
  10. Turnip Moth- 2
  11. Setaceous Hebrew Character
  12. Common Wainscot
  13. Deep-brown Dart- 2nd Record
  14. Vine's Rustic
  15. Small Dusty Wave
  16. Square-spot Rustic

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