Sunday, September 26, 2010


The recent cold snap seems to have finally kick started the arrival of some seasonal moths. The dreaded Turnip Moth seems to be in steep decline now and is being replaced by a sharp increase in Lunar Underwing numbers. Still no Sallows, but they may start turning up before the week's end. The weather is by no means ideal though with a fairly strong, gusting wind last night.

1st of the year and only my 2nd record....

Lunar Underwing
A high count last night, but more to come.

Beaded Chestnut
Full Count-
  1. Lunar Underwing- 15
  2. Willow Beauty- 2
  3. Turnip Moth- 1
  4. Beaded Chestnut- 1
  5. Brick- 1
  6. Shuttle-shaped Dart- 1

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