Sunday, February 4, 2018

Year review 2017 part 3


This year I recorded 275, my forth best total and just one behind last year's. Nine more species were added for 2017, giving a life total of 382 species. I wonder how much longer it will take to chalk up 400 species?

The nine additions to the list were-

70.198 Seraphim- 30/04- Uncommon resident
70.273 Brindled White-spot- 30/05- Uncommon resident
65.013 Common Lutestring- 18/06- Uncommon resident
70.231 Lilac Beauty- 22/06-  Uncommon resident
70.168 Narrow-winged Pug- 07/07-  Uncommon resident
73.128 Ear Moth- 31/07-  Uncommon resident, 18th county record. Gen det AMB.
70.037 Clay Triple-lines- 10/08- Uncommon resident
73.350 Great Brocade- 11/08- Vagrant/immigrant, last seen 2008, 12th county record
73.295 Delicate- 16/10-  Rare immigrant, last seen 2007, 4th county record


Brindled White-spot

Common Lutestring

Lilac Beauty

Narrow-winged Pug

Ear Moth

Clay Triple-lines

Great Brocade


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