Monday, January 2, 2017

Year review 2016 part 3


The garden yielded 276 species this year, this ranks only 3rd compared to 289 in in 2014 and an incredible 304 in 2013. After a few good years and with 361 macros already on the garden list, it is becoming increasingly hard to add new ones.

2016 saw the addition of another 12 species-

Blossom Underwing 30/03- 8th county record.
Pinion-spotted Pug 11/05- 13th county record, last seen in 2012.
Alder Moth 30/05- Uncommon resident, 83rd record.
Dotted Fan-foot 25/06- two caught this year, the 4th and 5th county records.
Slender Pug 06/07- Gen det A. Banthorpe, uncommon resident, 80th record.
Small Scallop 22/07- Common, a long awaited tick!
Coronet 22/07- 16th county record.
Jersey Tiger 27/07- 50th county record.
Hoary Footman 02/08- Gen det A. Banthorpe, only the 2nd record, after one trapped in Luton in 2014.
Dewick's Plusia 22/09- Other than this one, three other records in the county in 2016, after the first ever record in 2015.
Dark Spectacle 23/09- 20th county record.
Cypress Carpet 28/10- A new record for VC30!

Blossom Underwing

Pinion-spotted Pug

Alder Moth

Dotted Fan-foot

Slender Pug

Small Scallop


Jersey Tiger

Hoary Footman

Dewick's Plusia

Dark Spectacle

 Cypress Carpet

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