Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tawny Pinion 6/4

...........Pretty rare these days. This is the third garden record of this moth after catching two in 2011. Previous to that, not seen in VC30 since 2006.

Tawny Pinion 


  1. You jammy so and so hehe, well done, did catch up with a Pale. Only ever had one Tawny Pinion in my old Essex garden back in 2009! All the best.

  2. Keep the traps on, no matter what and you never know. Other than the TP it was a pretty poor night compared to others recently.

  3. Nice to see it first hand... I haven't recorded TP at The Dells but I have seen one before.
    2011 it was, caught by, errrm, oh yes, you.

  4. Haha....come on Trent keep those lights running :) out on a field trip tonight up towards the North-West of Herts in search of Northern Drab and whatever else we can find.
    I believe Andy Banthorpe is doing a trip tonight chaps.

    All the best