Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dotted Duos............

Aren't the traps busy lately? I've had my best ever start to a campaign with 42 species by the end of March. I haven't recorded many micros so far, but have done incredibly well for macros.
I will post a few lists if I get a chance to catch up on my records. So just as a taster, I will offer these..........

Dotted Chestnut
 Finding one is great. But finding two is pretty unbelievable! Recorded for the third year running in the garden. NFY 31st March

 Dotted Border
 Well, it took a while. But just as I was beginning to give up hope- two turned up 31st March.


  1. NICE ONE! I mean TWO!
    Well done, never ever seen two in a night, a rarity indeed.
    Dotted Border finally..... hehe.

  2. Cracking DCs - expecting one here any time soon now that it's moved into VC55 and is spreading. A recorder not too far away from me has had both DC and Blossom Underwing in his garden in last week - lucky beggar!

  3. Thanks guys.............I thought it was good too, until that is Andy Banthorpe informed me that someone in VC30 got three on the same night! Is it me, or are they becoming a lot more common?

  4. Still rare here in VC55 - but we've gone from zero records up to 2011, with 3 in 2012, another in 2013 and two more so far in 2014 that I know of, all well spread around the county so seems to be on the increase and establishing itself quickly.

  5. I hope they are getting more common. How long to get to Northumberland? ;-/

  6. Hi Matt, had my first Dotted Chestnut for the garden on the 30th, but two's a bit greedy!

  7. Stewart- How long are you going to live? Lol- though judging by the rare to annual in 4 years phenomenon round these parts, it may not be that long at all.
    Tony- I agree- I caught yet another on 2/04, which I have posted to Stewart!...........................