Saturday, February 8, 2014

While I wait................

.............for something to actually happen in the garden this year, it was nice to get a modicum of success with the Pearly Underwings (see this POST). After the eggs hatched , I fed them on Dandelion leaves. Unfortunately, most didn't make it and the larvae just died as they reached their final instar. Then out of the four that pupated, just two hatched and developed into adults. One hatched and died before developing its wings and one is still in the pupal case presumed to be dead. I don't know why the mortality rate was so high- perhaps the food plant?

Pearly Underwing Pupae
Just four out of the sixty plus larvae that hatched from eggs in mid November 2013 made it to Pupa.

Pearly Underwings
 Just two survived to adulthood and hatched 18th January. They were released in Bigglewade a few days later. But I really don't know if a migratory species will survive a British winter?

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