Sunday, October 20, 2013


Another fairly productive night and migrants are still in very good supply. Unfortunately they were all the usual suspects. But with a brisk southerly wind, it was a bit disappointing not to get a scarcer species. My latest ever Burnished Brass was also notable. A quick look in the garden, this time on the Alder produced three mines of  Phyllonorycter froelichiella. This common micro is a new species for the garden.
Total unrelated is this. Like other bloggers, I neglect all the common species and only feature more interesting rarer stuff

1342 Eudonia angustea
A common species. But not represented for a long time on my blog.

Upper Caldecote Garden- 1 trap- 27 of 18 species-

0229  Monopis obviella  1
0464  Diamond-back Moth (Plutella xylostella)  1
1342  Eudonia angustea  1
1398  Rush Veneer (Nomophila noctuella)  1
1795x  November Moth agg. (Epirrita dilutata agg.)  1
1937  Willow Beauty (Peribatodes rhomboidaria)  1
2091  Dark Sword-grass (Agrotis ipsilon)  2
2107  Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua pronuba)  1
2109  Lesser Yellow Underwing (Noctua comes)  1
2126  Setaceous Hebrew Character (Xestia c-nigrum)  2
2232  Black Rustic (Aporophyla nigra)  2
2245  Green-brindled Crescent (Allophyes oxyacanthae)  1
2264  Yellow-line Quaker (Agrochola macilenta)  1
2267  Beaded Chestnut (Agrochola lychnidis)  3
2306  Angle Shades (Phlogophora meticulosa)  3
2375  Large Wainscot (Rhizedra lutosa)  1
2389  Pale Mottled Willow (Paradrina clavipalpis)  5
2434  Burnished Brass (Diachrysia chrysitis)  1

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