Friday, August 24, 2012

All New.............

...................and a surprise really, as I expected once over 300 macros- new ticks would become harder and harder to achieve. But incredibly, I have trapped 30 new species this year- 17 Macro and 13 Micro. Now with a combined garden list total of 547 things have surely to slow down? I wonder just how many species can be caught over a long enough period of time.........

1461 Assara terebrella
To my knowledge, this is only the 2nd adult record in VC30 to date after the first in Home wood on 26-07-12. NFG- 14-08-12

 Chalk Carpet
Bizarre! The nearest chalk to my location is at the School. NFG 19-08

 Fen Wainscot
NFG- 19-08. The 11th 'Wainscot'

Burnished Brass
NFY 21-08. For some reason, these are quite scarce in my garden.

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