Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well, last night was the pits, with the 'Big 3' still at large though in small numbers.
So for your entertainment, I have laid on a Belgian Ballet Dancer getting the better of a 2 1930's security guards with a wooded standard lamp and some Kung fu- Enjoy!

The result- 10 of 4 species-
  • Common Quaker- 4
  • Clouded Drab- 4
  • Hebrew Character- 1
  • Emmelina monodactyla- 1


  1. Interesting that your catch was down on previous nights. Usually, it's me who's envious of your reports, but last night was my highest total so far this year, with 25 moths of 7 species.
    Not bad for Derbyshire. Got my 1st Small Quaker, and 2nd Twin-spotted Quaker too, so I was quite pleased!

    Happy mothing!
    Steve T

  2. Well Done Steve! At least someone is catching. I haven't had T-s Quaker this year and only managed 1 last. It seems like I've 'run out' of the early flying species and just waiting for the next batch of Spring flyers. But just 1 night can be the difference sometimes.....cheers M