Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blow ins.....09/03

As I haven't been trapping recently due to the cold, I decided to half heartedly put out the trap. I also washed the shed wall with the 25w BLB bulb down the bottom of the garden. This time it wasn't the temperature that was the problem as a constant 5-6°C was recorded throughout the night. The trouble was more the gusting wind which was quite clearly blowing across the garden from the west. But surprisingly this didn't put off the moths and there was a fairly decent haul waiting for me in the morning...........

Yellow Horned
I was well pleased to get this in the garden. I have previously only seen them at The Lodge, RSPB.

Early Grey
Like the Yellow Horned, this was also found under the 25w BLB bulb and is the 2nd record of the year.

The Rest!
This is the majority of the haul and it is no surprise that Common Quaker was again the most populous. Also hiding in there is a single Small Quaker and a Clouded Drab (bottom left).

The Count-   key: 30w Skinner / 25w BLB bulb.
  • Common Quaker- 7 (6-1) 46 so far this year.
  • Clouded Drab- 2 (1-1)
  • Small Quaker- 1 (1)
  • Early Grey- 1 (1)
  • Yellow Horned- 1 (1)- Garden 1st!
At the moment the BLB bulb seems to be a real draw. I wish I had put it on a bit more last year........

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  1. Nice catch Matt, If only the temp would stay above 4 degrees and the wind would drop up here. Most recent nights have been down to 0 or -1...A mild spell cant be long in coming, surely.