Sunday, February 27, 2011

How early is early?........

.........well, I'd say it's quite early! Compared with last year anyway. Here is a few very recent comparisons in the garden of the earliest examples seen-

2010 records-
2011 records-

  • Pale Brindled Beauty- 4th Feb- 22nd Jan
  • Common Quaker- 12th March- 17th Feb
  • Hebrew Character- 13th March- 22nd Feb
  • Dotted Border- 14th March- 21st Feb
  • Clouded Drab- 15th March- 19th Feb
  • Oak Beauty- 16th March- 25th Feb
  • Small Quaker- 18th March- 24th Feb

Probably pretty unscientific, but a big difference........

........and just for you Trent, in the garden I've currently trapped 96 moths of 19 species, (16 macro, 3 micro)

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