Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another EM.....09/02

Nothing much of note lately as the weather continues to plot it's unpredictable course. Either too cold or warm with blowing Atlantic born gales. The 1 moth from last night was caught early evening before the temperature dropped to below 2°C.

Early Moth
I am still behind last years totals. So a grand total of what's been caught so far this year is as follows-
  • Winter Moth- 6
  • Early Moth- 4
  • Alucita hexadactyla (20 plumed Moth)- 1
  • Dark Chestnut- 1
  • Pale Brindled Beauty- 1
Just 13 moths of 5 species.............


  1. It'll soon pick up Matt, I'm sure...roll on them orthosias...

  2. Thanks Stewart- I've just been out tonight to check again, 2 Pale Brindled Beautys so far..........

  3. Two Agonopterix heracliana for me tonight......oh, and an Oak Beauty...nearly forgot! (^_*)

  4. Oak Beauty eh?? Competition at last!

  5. If it`s any consolation Matt, i`m only on 5 sp`s as well.