Monday, June 29, 2015


Battered Pugs at this time of year are the hardest to identify. In fact, after a certain amount of wear this becomes pretty much impossible. The most common in the garden at the moment are Green, Grey and of course Common Pug. Though most of the pugs are on the wing in June/July. Below are a couple that have/are testing me.
Oak-tree Pug?
Caught 27th June. It's been ages since I've caught one (11th May), but this seems to be what it is? Size, shape and distinctive white area to the outside of the discals all seem to fit. If it is an Oak-tree, it certainly is late. My latest previously record was 24th May 2010.................

Dwarf Pug
Caught 26th June. This could be a new species for the garden. 18mm wingspan, posture and very large discals give it all the hallmarks of a Dwarf Pug. I could easily be wrong of course as its so badly worn- retained for gen. det. So will find out soon enough....... confirmed by gen det. A. Banthorpe

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