Saturday, October 4, 2014

Leaf Miners

Over the last few days I've tried to find as many different leaf mines in the garden as I can. My inadvertent decision many years ago to plant mainly indigenous species really has payed off. Some species are detectable in Summer, but the best time seems to be September/October.
The main reason for doing this is the fact that my wine is under threat by the ever active Trent Duval. He recently sent a lorry load of test tubes to micro recorder David Manning. This single act catapulted him into the lead as he recorded a huge amount of new micro moths for the year. Knowing that any commanding lead at this stage of the season could mean certain doom for any opponent.

It's not over yet Trent..........................

0110  Stigmella betulicola
NFG- tenanted mines in Birch

0357  Phyllonorycter stettinensis
NFG- Mine in Alder

0034  Ectoedemia occultella
NFY- Early gallery mine in Birch

0272  Bucculatrix cidarella
NFY- Mine in Alder

Upper Caldecote garden Leaf Mine list for 01-10-2014- 28 species

0006  Eriocrania sp. Birch NFY
0034  Ectoedemia occultella  Birch NFY
0050  Stigmella aurella  Bramble NFY
0075  Stigmella floslactella  Hazel & Hornbeam NFY
0099  Stigmella hybnerella  Hawthorn NFY
0100  Stigmella oxyacanthella  Hawthorn NFG
0107  Stigmella regiella  Hawthorn NFY
0110  Stigmella betulicola  Birch NFG
0111  Stigmella microtheriella  Hazel NFY
0254  Laburnum Leaf Miner (Leucoptera laburnella)  Laburnum NFY
0263  Apple Leaf Miner (Lyonetia clerkella) Hawthorn, Rowan, Birch
0272  Bucculatrix cidarella  Alder NFY
0275  Bucculatrix bechsteinella  Hawthorn NFY
0293  Caloptilia syringella  Lilac, Forsythia NFY
0303  Parornix anglicella  Hawthorn
0304  Parornix devoniella  Hazel NFY
0310  Callisto denticulella  Apple NFY
0318  Phyllonorycter tenerella  Hornbeam NFY
0323  Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae  Hawthorn NFY
0326  Phyllonorycter blancardella  Apple NFY
0332  Phyllonorycter corylifoliella  Hawthorn, Apple, Pear NFY
0342  Nut Leaf Blister Moth (Phyllonorycter coryli)  Hazel NFY
0343  Phyllonorycter esperella  Hornbeam NFY
0353  Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella  Birch NFY
0357  Phyllonorycter stettinensis  Alder NFG
0358  Phyllonorycter froelichiella  Alder NFY
0360  Phyllonorycter kleemannella  Alder NFG
0362  Phyllonorycter acerifoliella  Field Maple NFY

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