Monday, June 23, 2014

NFG's bring up 300......

Hectic to say the least of late and as usual, miles behind with my records. Big totals and the World Cup have been to blame as I try to cram in every game. But all that said, 300 species are now in the bag- constituting 111 Micros and 189 Macros.
New moths are getting harder to find these days as my lists begin to stagnate. But two new macros, the first this year have revitalised my interest...........

Small Angle Shades
I've been waiting for this a very long time after a suspected one evaded my pot on a humid night back in 2010. NFG 20th June.

Marbled Coronet
 ........and I haven't even had Varied Coronet this year.............

Other notables have included Small Seraphim, Red-necked Footman, Round-winged Muslin and what looks like a ridiculously early Square-spot Rustic caught on 21st June!

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