Friday, May 2, 2014

Mystery Pug- 22-04........

..........I'm totally stumped here. Wingspan is 20mm and so is the size of an average Common Pug I suppose. It really is fairly non-descript other than the hatching along the leading edge. It appears to have very little wear, so very washed out and grey in appearance. I have retained the moth as I really don't know where to start? Has anyone got any ideas.

Ochreous Pug
Thanks for the help on this one. I have only seen a few Ochreous Pugs before and only the brown form. Once I had it in a pot, it started to rest in a more familiar wedge position with its wings lowered.


  1. Hi Matt,
    Looks good for Ochreous Pug to me. It's a pine feeder.

  2. There's a good pic of Ochreous Pug on Lepiforumde which matches yours, also on Norfolk Moths

  3. Ochreous it is! Thanks for your comments Richard and Trent.