Thursday, September 5, 2013

500 in the garden in ONE year?

As a really good July came to an end I started thinking about the possibility of recording 500 moth species in a year (200 Micro, 300 Macro). This year, my records have eclipsed all previous year's efforts. My biggest ever Macro tally was 253 in 2011 and Micros, 207 in the same year. So far in 2013 as from last night I have recorded 276 Macros and I will beat my micro record when I add all of the leaf mines from various indigenous trees and shrubs from around the garden.
The real question is I suppose, can I record 300 Macros in a year? This is a big ask and I would have to record almost every species I've ever had in the last four months of the year to stand a chance.
So if I was to take a punt I would say 500 in year will be achievable, but 300 Macros in a year may just be a little optimistic- only time will tell.
I'm sure converting my trap to a twin T12 20w Synergetic in early July has also helped with this year's huge tally.........

Gold Spot
A second ever record- 4th September 2013.

 Orange Sallow
Two records so far this year.

 Red Underwing
Three records so far this year.

two records so far- many more to come.

 White-spotted Pinion
Two records so far, now recorded in every year since 2009. This RDB species is still clinging on in this area at least.

Twin 20w T12  Synergetic Skinner
New since early July 2013- this bad boy pulls 'em in like never before!

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