Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cayman Moths Pt 2........................

Here is another small selection of what has been trapped. As with last week, there were plenty of micros. I will have a better sort through the photos when I get back to the UK. The weather is far better this week, with warmer night time temperatures and just a light breeze.

A real cracker! Resembles a Footman sp. in shape and is 16mm long. Caught by my nephew Oliver Capewell.   

This is very similar to a Marbled Minor agg. in size and shape.

Geometer sp. 26mm wingspan.

A different Marbled Minor type moth.

Almost identical to a Buff Footman.

Pyralid, slightly smaller than the moth pictured below.

Pyralid, very similar in size and resembles Rusty Dot Pearl.

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  1. 1059 ... Cydosia nobilitella, Curve-lined Cydosia Moth (top)
    -487 ... Udea rubigalis, the Celery Leaftier moth (bottom) ?