Friday, January 4, 2013

Into 2013, Garden Trap + one to ID?

................And a Happy New Year to all. It seemed like a good time for a first attempt at trapping in the garden. So with temperatures hovering around 10°C, I put out a twin actinic skinner and hoped for the best.
An early patrol produced just an Agonopterix heracliana. But another check in the morning gave me a few more species. Tonight (04-01), along with two garden traps I've also dropped off a battery operated Skinner in nearby Home Wood, so hopefully more goodies to report tomorrow...........

Pale Brindled Beauty
Found on the shed wall by the 15w BLB bulb.

 Dark Chestnut
One of two found in the skinner trap at the top of the garden.

688 Agonopterix heracliana
First moth of 2013.

 Acleris sp.??
Found in the skinner, but a little worn. Any ideas? Photos taken in poor light and then flew whilst trying to get a better shot. On the small side for an Acleris.


  1. Definitely an Acleris, maybe schalleriana.

  2. Thanks Mark,
    That was on my short list, along with notana/ferrugana.