Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Home Wood- 24-01

Trent and I put a battery powered Actinic/UV Skinner in the Wood last night as the temperatures seemed pretty favourable. No wind, but unfortunately a fine drizzle persisted well into the evening. This probably hampered the catch slightly as there was nothing really out of the ordinary.
Trent picked the trap up this morning and recorded- all obviously new for the year.

Home Wood- Location #4- 20 of 5 species-

  • 1025 Tortricodes alternella 1 
  • 1799 Operophtera brumata Winter Moth 3 
  • 1926 Phigalia pilosaria Pale Brindled Beauty 2 
  • 1932 Agriopis leucophaearia Spring Usher 10 
  • 2258 Conistra vaccinii Chestnut 4

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