Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Highlights and Milestones.........

A trip away meant no trapping for a few days (12th-14th) and then catching up with a few bits and pieces. On 10th August David Manning the VC30 Micro Moth recorder, spent an hour or so checking my garden for leaf mines. He certainly knows his onions, as he managed no less than 22 species! This gave the Micro list a real shot in the arm and spelt certain doom for Trent's already flagging list. I noticed him last week looking at bargain booze online and I suppose that's better than nothing. I still haven't seen last year's prize yet............
It looks like 2 momentous events have happened more or less simultaneously; I have now recorded 500 species for the garden since starting mid way through 2009. I have also surpassed last year's total of 373 species and broke the 400 species mark for 2011 with many more to come. It couldn't have been done without help from A & M Banthorpe, David Manning and of course, the expertise of the bloggers who follow my posts- especially Ben and Skev- Thank you to one and all!

Bordered Straw
Garden 1st, 10th August.

698 Agonopterix kaekeritziana
Garden 1st, 11th August

 Canary-shouldered Thorn
Garden 1st, 14th August

692 Agonopterix subpropinquella
Judging by lack of obvious markings and the earlier flight time, I think this is a correct ID- waiting for confirmation CONFIRMED................15th August

1309 Agriphila geniculea
1st of many, NFY 15th August

 White-line Dart
Garden 1st, 15th August

 Red Underwing
Finally got one to pose! NFY 15th August

Common Wave
Tatty, but NFY, 15th August.

Leaf Mines recorded 10-08-11, Upper Caldecote- by D V Manning

  • 0050 Stigmella aurella Leaf Mine- on Bramble- Garden 1st 
  • 0064 Stigmella continuella  Leaf Mine- on Birch- Garden 1st 
  • 0075 Stigmella floslactella  Leaf Mine- on Hazel- Garden 1st 
  • 0097 Stigmella malella  Leaf mine- on Apple- Garden 1st 
  • 0099 Stigmella hybnerella  Leaf Mine- on Hawthorn- Garden 1st 
  • 0107 Stigmella regiella  Leaf Mine- on Hawthorn- Garden 1st 
  • 0108 Stigmella crataegella  Leaf Mine- on Hawthorn- Garden 1st 
  • 0111 Stigmella microtheriella  Leaf Mine- on Hazel-  
  • 0125 Emmetia marginea  Leaf Mine- on Bramble- Garden 1st 
  • 0156 Heliozela resplendella  Leaf Mine- on Alder- Garden 1st 
  • 0263 Lyonetia clerkella  Leaf Mine- on Birch, Apple, Rowan
  • 0265 Bucculatrix cristatella Leaf Mine and Cocoonet on Yarrow           
  • 0275 Bucculatrix bechsteinella  Leaf Mine- on Hawthorn- Garden 1st 
  • 0303 Parornix anglicella  Leaf Mine- on Hawthorn- Garden 1st 
  • 0304 Parornix devoniella  Leaf Mine- on Hazel- Garden 1st 
  • 0310 Callisto denticulella  Leaf mine- on Apple 
  • 0323 Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae  Leaf Mine- on Hawthorn- Garden 1st 
  • 0326 Phyllonorycter blancardella  Leaf mine- on Apple- Garden 1st 
  • 0332 Phyllonorycter corylifoliella  Leaf Mine- on Hawthorn- Garden 1st 
  • 0342 Phyllonorycter coryli  Leaf Mine- on Hazel- Garden 1st 
  • 0345 Phyllonorycter rajella  Leaf Mine- on Alder,Garden 1st 
  • 0353 Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella  Leaf Mine- on Birch- Garden 1st


  1. 500 in two years - outrageous! It's taken me 12 years to creep over 300 macros and 600 for the garden. Still, it's all relative and mine is one of the better garden lists in VC55 which just shows the difference a few miles north makes, and living in a suburban woodland-free desert!

  2. Well done Captain !
    That puts you 18 ahead, unless you've got some more mics in the fridge.
    Some nice moths there, love that Bordered Straw...I only get Scarce Bordereds !
    Eighteen ahead is not enough for me to scour the Bulgarian Wine Catalogue yet tho......

  3. Mark- I'm sure the next 100 will take me a few years and there has been a relentless trapping routine to get to such a total. I often wonder how big a list you could achieve if you had 'grounds' and a lake, wood, scrub area.........I suppose the people with those kind of gardens wouldn't do anything as unprofitable as mothing anyway!

    Trent- Hopefully S B Straw this Autumn.......I thought the Romanian Wine was worse than Bulgarian. Either way, you'll probably be going down the offy!
    Only 1 micro pending, Mr Manning still has the Phycita type sp. on his setting board awaiting a Gen. Det..........

  4. Well, Matt, I'm a tenant in a cottage on the estate of a stately home ( Howick Hall, google it) with mature woods, parkland, pools, scrub, an arboretum, hedges, 300 yds from the east coast and no light pollution - but- its 350 miles further north. It would take me a life time to get 500! :) Maybe thats not due to lack of diversity, its probably just a poor observer...

  5. Thanks for that Stewart! Your Northerly disposition will not help. But you have certainly turned up a few surprises. On the other side of the coin; my garden bird list is hovering on 99 species, this has taken my 10 years so far. I often look at your OFFTH list and think the same. There is a total panic if a Y-b Warbler turns up somewhere in Beds. You probably have them swinging from your bird table!

  6. Ah I see, Its horses for courses I think Matt ;)