Saturday, October 10, 2009

Red letter day!..............09/10

This rather tatty individual is the garden's 1st Red Underwing. Modelled by Louie, you can just about see how big it is! The fore wing measured at least 1 1/2 " and is the largest Underwing we have seen so far.
The photo to the right is a Red-line Quaker and again is a garden 1st. I manged to get a quick picture before it flew.
It was another good night for variety with 10 of 9 species recorded;
  1. Large Yellow Underwing -2
  2. Red Underwing
  3. Lunar Underwing
  4. Shuttle-shaped Dart
  5. Black Rustic
  6. Spruce Carpet
  7. Blair's Shoulder-knot
  8. Setaceous Hebrew Character
  9. Red-line Quaker

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